About Me

My name is Łukasz Zieliński. I am a passionate Flash & Android platform developer. I have a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

My goal is to create modern, interactive and engaging software. I have experience in making flash websites, 2D & 3D games, tools and much more. Since 2010 I have been focusing on creating applications for devices such as large multi-touch screens. I like what I am  doing and it is great fun to create great applications that people use and have fun with it.


Activeden and experiments

You can see some of my works and experiments that I made within the scope of Activeden marketplace.  I made visual effects, small 3D applications, website template, Flex components, sound tools such as voice recorder and beat detection.

I was awarded two times:
featured-author Featured Item badge for Interactive 3D World Map
Featured Author badge




Music is also my passion. I play the classical and acoustic guitar. I like creating music using Ableton Live software.